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Will Myotherapy stop my pain?

Myotherapists see people with all types of pain. Short term acute pain can be caused by a work or sporting injury or even an incident that happens at home. It could be as simple as a slip or trip on the stairs, to tennis elbow sustained after having not played for 10 years. Chronic pain is a result of a more complicated injury or condition that can linger for many months or even years, including osteoarthritis, disc degeneration or fibromyalgia.

General aches and pains are a normal part of life and generally resolve themselves over a reasonably short period of time. One of the most common types of pain reported to a myotherapist is the ‘sneak-up’ pain. It can simply be as a result of sleeping in an odd position and waking up with a stiff or restricted neck or shoulder. It’s when this tightness turns into soreness and starts to impact on daily activities (such as not being able to turn to look at oncoming traffic while driving or being unable to lie on one side due to pain) that making an appointment with your myotherapist could be of benefit. These are of course, just two examples and there are countless others that myotherapists see and assist with on a daily basis.

Every patient will interpret or rate their pain differently depending on a number of different factors and variables. Your pain is real and it is the job of the Myotherapist to try to understand and consider all of the variables that influence it. An improvement in pain will in most cases not come about by treatment on tissue damage alone. There will be factors and variables that you or the Myotherapist cannot control although it is important to be aware of them.


Factors and Variables Effecting Pain


During your visit the Myotherapist will;

  • Conduct a physical assessment and record medical history to help gain a better understanding of the causes or source of your pain;
  • Listen and help you to identify roadblocks that may hinder improvement or recovery;
  • Discuss and agree on achievable goals eg. pain free sleep;
  • Explain and recommend the appropriate physical treatment options, which may include deep soft tissue massage, dry needling, cupping or stretches;
  • Select the corrective exercises appropriate for your capabilities, time availability and condition;
  • Identify and educate you on the best ways to manage activities at work, home or in leisure that may exacerbate your pain;
  • Plan out the next steps towards pain free living.

Pain, whether acute or chronic, is a complex phenomenon that is influenced by many variables. As myotherapists, we will endeavour to give you the tools to manage as many of these variables as possible.

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