Back Pain Treatment Specialist

If you are suffering from back pain then Chiropractic and Myotherapy can provide you with the relief you need.

As you know back pain is very common. It is well known that 80% of the population will suffer from back pain at some period in their life regardless of your age or gender. Most people have had the experience and nobody is the better for it. It makes all elements of your life hard to tolerate.


How did I get back pain?

In our modern world the potential for back pain is high. The causes are many and we often have more than one contributor.

The most common way to get back pain is by repeated and long duration stress to ligaments, muscles and joints.

  • Lots of occupational bending, especially at low heights such as carpentry, tiling or using low shelves
  • Looking after children. Getting them in and out of cars, baths and cots. Cleaning all the toys off the floor multiple times per day
  • Domestic chores using brooms and vacuum cleaners
  • Sitting poorly on couches watching TV and using handheld devices
  • Lots of driving motor vehicles
  • Poor sleeping postures
  • Non-supportive mattresses

Your back is also vulnerable to injuries with rapid, sudden or forceful movements

  • Motor vehicle injuries
  • Picking up awkward items from low heights even if not heavy
  • Heavy lifts with poor form such as in the gym
  • Trips and falls

Chronic (long term from 6 weeks to months or even years) back pain can develop in a number of ways

  • Exposure to years of faulty back movements that slowly cause damage
  • Arthritis caused by a significant injury years ago that was never properly attended to

How can back pain present?

Back pain has many presentations both in the region of the back  and elsewhere. It can originate from a number of structures in the back including the bones, muscles, joints, disc and nerves

  • Constant dull ache across the lower back and hips
  • Radiating pain into the buttocks, back of thigh and even into the calf muscles, foot and ankle
  • Sharp and electric pain from the lower back into the leg and foot
  • Pain in the back when sitting and worsened by trying to stand up or get out of your car

How Chiropractic and Myotherapy can help you

  1. Examination

    The first and most important step is to evaluate if we can help you with your back pain. We are well trained to conduct a thorough history followed by an orthopaedic, neurological and physical examination.

    If you have any imagery studies of your back already performed these are valuable. If you don’t these may be requested if the history and examination deems this important to your case.

  2. Provide a diagnosis

    At the end of our examination we will be able to provide you with an accurate diagnosis of what the cause of your back pain is.

  3. Plan a Course of Action

    If after the examination we determine that we can help you with your back pain we will plan a Course of Action to get you back to where you want to be. We will be able to give you

    a) A timeline of how long the process will take
    b) The techniques we recommend
    c) What you need to modify at home and work
    d) Give you any necessary exercises and advice that assist recovery

Chiropractic solutions to your back pain

Northcote Chiropractic Centre has been in the same building at 435 St Georges Rd Thornbury since 1980. We understand the people in our area and know how to help them. From old to young, office workers to tradies, active to inactive, we can get you back to where you need to be by getting rid of your back pain.

What to expect from your chiropractic visit

A first consultation to discuss your back pain will take up to 30 minutes. In that time we will listen to your concerns and then give a thorough physical and neurological examination. We will spend all the time necessary to hear your concerns and where you want to be instead. Once we know this we will provide you with a Plan that includes what care you need, what techniques we will use and provide any referrals to other health professionals that may be required to get you well.

Best chiro’s in Thornbury

The chiropractors at Northcote Chiropractic Centre are constantly examining and appraising the latest developments and techniques in the musculoskeletal field of back pain. We recognize that the population is changing. How we work and play is different. The computer, mobile phone and seated occupations/leisure are an integral part of how we live these days.

However they can have an impact on our  backs both directly and indirectly. We understand this and so can give plenty of advice about how to manage them.

We expect so much more as we age than our parents did. Our activity levels and expectations of travel and exercise are much higher as we age than used to be the case. Let us help you manage that and not be troubles or limited by your aging hips and back.

7 Days a Week, Extended Hours & Convenient  Location

Conveniently located on the corner of St Georges Rd and Smith St Thornbury with plenty of parking we are easy to find and access. Thornbury train station and the tram stop at Moreland Rd and Hutton St mean we are simple to get to on the way home form the city.

Added to this are;

  • 7 days a week service
  • Extended hours of care
  • On-site Health Insurance processing
  • Bupa Members First
  • Medibank Preferred Provider

Be it a headache, neck pain, back pain or any other type of chronic pain or injuries, you can come to Northcote Chiropractic. Located at Thornbury, our chiropractic clinic provides services to the patients residing in nearby suburbs as well such as Brunswick, Clifton Hill, Coburg, Heidelberg, Preston, Northcote, and Reservoir.

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