Headaches And Migraine Treatment Clifton Hill

Headaches and migraines are not something to ignore. Some are quite minor but frequent and recurring head pain can seriously interfere with your life and its enjoyment. It is a sign that something is wrong and need to be evaluated. The taking of medication may help you survive the day but it is no long term answer.

Chiropractic and Myotherapy can be a very useful part of your headache and migraine management.


How did I get headaches and migraine?

Headache and migraine can be caused by a large number of reasons. While some can be very serious most are related to lifestyle.

  • Stress and overwork
  • Substance abuse including alcohol and medication
  • Sleep patterns
  • Accidents
  • Poor posture
  • Using computers and handheld devices

If any of these are causing irritation to the nerves, joints and muscles of the neck they may be the source of your pain. Chiropractic and Myotherapy are very effective ways to address neck joint and muscle dysfunction and the problems they cause.Connect with us now for the best services in Clifton Hill.

How can headaches and migraine present?

Chiropractic is an extremely effective treatment for headaches. By carefully restoring proper movement to the spinal joints of the neck, your Chiropractor is able to significantly reduce the presence of nerve irritation and muscle tension helping to alleviate the cause of your headaches.

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How Chiropractic and Myotherapy can help you

  1. Examination

    The first and most important step is to evaluate if we can help you. We are well trained to conduct a thorough history followed by an orthopaedic, neurological and physical examination. If you have any imagery studies already performed these are valuable.

    If you don’t these may be requested if the history and examination deems this important to your case.

  2. Provide a diagnosis

    At the end of our examination we will be able to provide you with an accurate diagnosis of what the problem is.

  3. Plan a Course of Action

    If after the examination we determine that we can help you we will plan a Course of Action to get you back to where you want to be. We will be able to give you

    a) A timeline of how long the process will take
    b) The techniques we recommend
    c) What you need to modify at home and work
    d) Give you any necessary exercises and advice that assist recovery

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