Your search for a Chiropractor in Heidelberg is over

Your Search for a Chiropractor in Heidelberg is Over

Covid-19 giving you a pain in the neck and back? It certainly has changed everything. As chiropractors we need to change too. The first step is to ask questions and listen to how your circumstances have altered in this new environment. Once we know that we can accurately evaluate what needs to be done to help you habituate to the way we now go about our lives.

Your neck and back pain looked after.

Your care will involve many parts

  • History taking
  • Physical evaluation
  • Sleep evaluation
  • Work setting discussion
  • Exercise prescription

Once we have this knowledge we will be well placed to prescribe a course of care, exercises and other advice to get you on the road to recovery and a new way of living. Especially one with no pain.

We have been providing chiropractic care to Heidelberg residents for 40 years out of the same St Georges Rd location so we must be doing a lot of things right. Extended hours and 7 days a week operations allow Heidelberg residents convenient access to their chiropractic care

Heidelberg Residents; you don’t have to keep putting up with your muscle and joint pains. Chiropractic care is a safe and effective way to get moving again. Give us a call. 9480 4383


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