Get the Best Solutions to Overcome BackPain in Preston

Get the Best Solutions to Overcome BackPain in Preston

Back pain. Who wants it? No one of course but it is all around us. Most cases of back pain have no clear reason as to onset. This can be attributed to embedded community conventional thinking that to hurt your back you need to have lifted something heavy or otherwise have had some major traumatic incident. Things such as lifting mowers into the back of a vehicle, fallen off a ladder or been involved in a gymnasium exercise that was too heavy.

While all of these actions can certainly initiate back pain they are not numerically the highest cause. Most back pain has its origins in the habits and recurrences of everyday life. This largely revolves around the “too’s”.

Too much;

  • Sitting or standing still
  • Repetitive actions at work, sport or recreation
  • Weight
  • Couch time
  • Device use such as phones and tablets

Too little;

  • Daily targeted activity
  • Attention to movement until we have pain
  • Weight management
  • Variation in activity (vocational or recreational)
  • Health planning

Which of the above apply to you?

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